Chapter Leader

Meet Your Local Chapter Leader: Angelica from Chandler, AZ

Hi!!! I’m Angelica (or Helly 😀 ) and I’m the Chapter Leader (CL) for Chandler, AZ MRTT/SRTT.

Me at NYC Marathon last year 😀

About 3 years ago, after the birth of my son–my second child in under two years–I needed an outlet, something that could be my “me” time. I had already been running, but most of my runs were on my own. I found myself wanting to run but also wanting company. I already was taking time to get my workouts in, and I felt the unnecessary mom guilt also taking time to socialize with friends. When I discovered the national Moms Run This Town site, I thought it was an awesome idea of combining both running and socializing!! And when I saw there wasn’t a group for my city–a big one, so I thought for sure there would be–I decided to take on the big risk of starting one on my own. Chandler, AZ MRTT/SRTT was born!

We were born on April 22nd, 2014 but officially posted on the national website on May, 8 😀

Our group has grown over the years (along with Chapter Leaders–Jennifer and Brecka), and it just has been a blast. I’ve met so many awesome women and have done things I never thought I would because of them.

In 2015, encouraged by several members, I finished my first sprint triathlon!! Training for the race included my first time swimming (like, literally) and I was the last one out of the pool, but man, it was so exhilarating and I had never felt so proud of myself. Definitely got out of my comfort zone for that one!

Tri for the Cure AZ ❤

Since the birth of Chandler, AZ MRTT/SRTT, I’ve gone on many adventures–6 marathons, a ton of 1/2 marathons, 10ks, and 5ks, trail races, night trail races, a sprint tri, hikes, bike rides, swim sessions–and all of them have been with the support of my Chandler MRTT/SRTT family.

I’ve always been a bit shy joining groups and even more so starting one, but the best decision I ever made was hitting that “create group” button 3 years ago.

How about you click join? ❤

You can find Chandler, AZ MRTT/SRTT on Facebook and Instagram and Angelica on Facebook and Instagram as well as on her blog at

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